In order to raise money for local animal rescue organizations and environmental groups we are asking for donations.

Donations can be in the form of prize items for our raffle baskets, product samples, coupons, gift certificates, cash.  Anything of value.  However, all donations must be 100% vegan – no exceptions.

The list of organizations that have donated to date is shown below. Their names  will also be included in the event program on November 18th

If you wish to donate simply click on the Donation button here:

or download the following form  which contains guidelines and further details: Donation Form

Any questions please contact Silvia Bryan at:
or 321-412-7767

Donors to Space Coast VegFest 2018

Enjoy Life Foods
The Compassion Company
Rhythm Superfoods
V-Dog (Vegan Dog Food)
Zephan Luxury Soap