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Schedule of Events


Here’s how the schedule looked for Sunday the 13th November.    We had a great day.

Time                                   Event                                                                                                Location

11.00 am   Learn to grow nutritious food : Sally Scalera     –                                  Civic Center Auditorium

12.00 pm  Healthy Eating, Healthy Living : Samadhi Artemisa, A.P.                     Civic Center Auditorium

12.30 pm  One Pot Meals in Minutes : JL Fields                                                       Cooking Demo Tent

1.00 pm    Why Animal Protection is good for Humans too : Aysha Akhtar.       Civic Center Auditorium

1.00 pm    Bikram Yoga Merritt Island – Demo                                                         Main Stage

1.45 pm    Vegan Pie Eating Contest                                                                          Main Stage

2.00 pm    Healthful Living and Disease Prevention : Dr. John Evans                  Civic Center Auditorium

2.30 pm   Transitioning to a plant based diet : Susie Fricker                                 Cooking Demo Tent

3.30 pm    Dangers of Excess Animal Protein in our diets : George Eisman      Civic Center Auditorium

4.15 pm     Vegan Fitness for Mortals : Ellen Jaffe Jones                                       Civic Center Auditorium